Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC Announces New Members

Mar 22, 2021 | News, Press Release, Uncategorized

Cameron & Stephen Photo

Spicer Rudstrom is pleased to announce Stephen Hester and Cameron Watson have been named members of Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC.

Honored to have them in these new roles, we are proud of their accomplishments over the years and their demonstrated level of commitment to our clients and our business as a whole.

Stephen Hester is in the Little Rock, Arkansas office and focuses his practice primarily on civil litigation. Stephen has successfully represented individuals and businesses of all types including banks, manufacturers, hospitals, and nursing homes. He has represented architects, engineers, and lawyers in malpractice litigation. He has also served as a Delegate to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, the policy-making body for the American Bar Association.

Cameron Watson is in the Memphis office, where he focuses his practice on employment law, premises liability, and products liability. Cameron works hard to advise his clients on the best practices to protect against state and federal claims of discrimination or denial of benefits.