W. Howard Mowery, an attorney in Spicer Rudstrom’s Texarkana, Tex. Office successfully represented a client seeking custody of his son and reimbursement for medical bills.

In August 2014, the child’s mother dropped her son off at school, and as he was leaving the car, she told him that he needed to find somewhere else to live. The child then reached out to his father, who lived and worked in Dallas as a police officer. Howard’s client, the father, arranged for the child to move in with the paternal grandparents. On the eve of the custody trial, the mother relented and agreed to give the father custody and to pay child support.

As a former police officer himself, he has a passion for fighting for justice for others. He is a trial lawyer and mediator whose practice includes the representation of individuals and businesses in civil litigation. He has practiced throughout federal and state courts in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.