Spicer Rudstrom attorneys Christopher M. Myatt and Cameron M. Watson recently represented an Elite Beach Tanning Company location in a slip and fall case, and the Tipton County Circuit Court in West Tennessee granted their motion for summary judgment this week. Chris and Cameron practice in the firm’s Memphis office.

The plaintiff slipped and fell on snow and ice of the tanning salon’s parking lot, fracturing her ankle. The court found that when she arrived at the salon that day, she knowingly parked on a portion of the lot containing snow and slush when multiple clear places were available to park. She entered Elite without any issue.

Then the plaintiff testified that she carefully made her way inside, and on her way out, she used the same path. Neither time did she use a sidewalk or ramp that had been cleared of snow and ice. On the way back to her car, she stepped off the curb into the slush and fell.

The court found there were no genuine issues as to any material fact between her and the defendant and that the defendant was entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Motion for summary judgment was granted, and the suit was dismissed.


Chris is a partner at Spicer Rudstrom. His practice is concentrated primarily in the areas of premises liability, business and commercial representation, product liability, and insurance coverage.

Cameron is an associate at Spicer Rudstrom, where his practice focuses on automobile liability, product liability, intellectual property litigation, business and corporate law, employment litigation, and civil rights litigation.