Rich Spicer Wins Dismissal on Pending Case

Apr 25, 2016 | News

Nashville attorney Rich Spicer has obtained a hard-fought dismissal of a case for a high-profile, international company after having a case transferred to him from another law firm. The case had been pending for approximately two years, was already set for trial, and several complex legal and procedural issues arose prior to Rich’s involvement. He came in on short notice, filed various motions to address the situation, and was then able to file a Rule 12 motion to dismiss. The court granted the dismissal.

According to Rich, the trial judge was astute, well prepared, and meticulous in assessing the matters raised in Rich’s motions, and the judge did a particularly good job in assessing the unique issues in the motions that Rich filed. Obtaining a Rule 12 motion to dismiss a case that has already had extensive pleading over a course of years is unusual but can be procedurally proper under certain facts. The facts and the law of this case were such that the result was proper.

Rich, an AV-rated attorney, is frequently called upon to assume ongoing cases that have developed unique issues or problems, many times upon short notice and with deadline-related issues. He represents insurance companies and their insureds, as well as self-insured companies in serious litigation involving construction law, premises liability, insurance law, product liability, automobile and company trucking issues, and other complex litigation involving generally high-exposure claims. He has developed a particular focus on the hospitality and retail industry and chairs the firm’s Retail and Hospitality Industry Group.