By Julie-Karel Elkin

If you ever wondered what it looked like when someone stole your data and released it…here it is. Thanks to, we can all have a very sobering look at what happens when someone grabs your unencrypted data. It is organized in a neat and tidy fashion, just like it is stored on the hard drive or server. I just thought this might give some people a better visual perspective of what actually happens when someone “hacks” data. It looks like this…all of your records for all the world to see. All those cute little folder icons (that’s what they are called) open up with the actual documents and  information inside.

Please, all you wonderful people out there, secure your data, and if you are not sure how to do it, call me. I will walk you through it. Trust me, it is worth the time and money because your employees and customers deserve better.


Julie-Karel Elkin is a Member and the Chief Compliance Officer at Spicer Rudstrom PLLC. She is the head of the Health Data Privacy and Security practice and has been helping companies and practices large and small with all aspects of their compliance needs for more than 20 years. Ensuring her clients protect and secure data through better training and the sensible use of technology is at the core of her mission.