Mexico City Lawyer’s 80 Days in Nashville

Nov 16, 2017 | Featured, International Law, News

Back in September, we launched an innovative joint initiative with Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton, an international law firm based in Mexico City, to help local Arkansas and Tennessee companies expand the business into Mexico.  Over the last 80 days, we hosted one of CCN’s associates, José Ernesto Fuentes Vilalta, to give these local companies direct access to a foreign attorney who can better explain the Mexican market and laws.   As we wrap up the initiative this week, José shares his final thoughts on the program and temporary life in Nashville.

By: José Ernesto Fuentes Vilalta

I am a Mexican attorney, and I work as an associate at Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton. CCN is a firm with 8 offices throughout Mexico plus 3 in Texas, and we specialize in providing legal services for foreign companies that have business in Mexico. We partnered up with Spicer Rudstrom for a joint initiative, to study and understand the international appetite of the Nashville business world.

Furthermore, our company felt that SR, as a firm interested in the growth of their international business area, can benefit from the connections developed from meeting with all these companies, and CCN could of course benefit from understanding this growing market and establishing different connections and relationships. We had meetings with representatives from around 90 companies, from all sectors of the Nashville/Middle Tennessee business community.

I knew that the common law and civil law systems were different before coming up here, but getting to see it up close really gives you an idea of how legal procedures really are worlds apart, especially with regards to litigation. On the other hand, something that is very similar is the way business is conducted. International business has a tendency to make cross-border issues easier and more straightforward, which is one of the reasons we carried out this joint initiative. We see a lot of opportunity coming from the growing importance of doing business internationally.

Looking forward to…

Getting back to the family and the girlfriend is at the top of the list. Also looking forward to the food back home, you do tend to miss it… Finally, getting back to work full-time and catching up with everything after a long period away is a big priority.

Nashville Hot Spots

One of the top highlights is a Predators game at Bridgestone Arena. The fanbase for hockey in this town is a serious one, and you can just feel the love Nashvillians have for their team.

The food throughout Nashville is quite an experience (especially for someone who had never been to the South). I highly recommend Hattie B’s hot chicken to any newcomers (I had the ‘hottest’ chicken on scale – careful, it’s hot even for someone used to eat spicy food). The Germantown area, where I stayed during my time here, has many great restaurants and places to get a drink. The baseball park (Nashville Sounds) is an amazing place, although I, unfortunately, did not get a chance to go to a game.

Nashville is the place to be right now. Whether you’re looking for business opportunities, moving here as a student or young professional, or simply picking a place to live, there is a sense of growth and optimism that you can feel, and is pretty unique. Overall, it was a fantastic experience both from a professional and a personal standpoint.

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