W. Howard Mowery, an attorney in Spicer Rudstrom’s Texarkana, Tex. office, successfully represented a client seeking custody of his five-year-old son last week. The case was set for trial but settled, with the dad being awarded custody of his son.

The son’s mother married a man who claimed the boy as his, unknown to Howard’s client. The couple later gave custody of the son to the husband’s parents, which was also unknown to the father. Howard filed suit, citing evidence reflecting that his client spent all his time with the child that the mother would allow and that the grandparents knew he was the child’s father all along, yet never told him. Howard’s suit led to the custody settlement without having to go trial.

Howard, a former police officer himself, has a passion for fighting for justice for others. He is a trial lawyer and mediator whose practice includes representation of individuals and businesses in civil litigation. He has practiced throughout federal and state courts in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.