Our commercial litigation team is highly experienced with the very specialized and more factually and legally complex lawsuits this practice area can bring. Commercial cases can take many twists and turns, persist for years and be more expensive.

SR’s attorneys have handled commercial disputes and trials for decades and can help guide you through the complexities that come along with this area of civil litigation which may involve mediation, other forms of alternative dispute resolution or courtroom representation.


Kevin Bernstein
Kevin D. Bernstein
Managing Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office
Steve Collins
J. Steven Collins
Of Counsel, Knoxville Office
Ed Reynolds Davies
Ed Reynolds Davies Jr.
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Preston Dennis
Preston Dennis
Associate, Memphis Office
Andrew Firkins
Andrew N. Firkins
Associate, Knoxville Office
Thomas Hickey
B. Thomas Hickey Jr.
Member, Chattanooga Office
Richard Spicer
Richard E. Spicer
Member, Nashville Office
J. Taylor Thomas
Associate, Chattanooga Office
Jon W. Tidwell
Associate, Memphis Office
Cameron Watson
Cameron M. Watson
Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office
Isaac W. Westling
Associate, Knoxville Office
Clint Woodfin
Clint J. Woodfin
Member, Knoxville Office