Property & Casualty

The attorneys at Spicer Rudstrom are skilled in defending first and third-party property and casualty claims. They understand the complexities of property and casualty litigation and are able to efficiently and effectively analyze claims in order to advise clients regarding liability and settlement issues. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience in state and federal courts as well as mediation and arbitration in a broad range of property and casualty insurance claims.

Spicer Rudstrom has represented insurance carriers, their insureds, and self-insured companies in the areas of commercial property and casualty insurance in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, and Kentucky.


Rick Apperson
Rick L. Apperson
Member, Knoxville Office
Kevin Bernstein
Kevin D. Bernstein
Managing Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office
Steve Collins
J. Steven Collins
Of Counsel, Knoxville Office
Ed Reynolds Davies
Ed Reynolds Davies Jr.
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Albert McLean
Albert G. McLean
Member, Memphis Office
Edd Peyton
Edd Peyton
Of Counsel, Memphis Office
John Reese
John (Jack) T. Reese
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Thomas Smith
Thomas J. Smith
Member, Nashville Office
Richard Spicer
Richard E. Spicer
Member, Nashville Office
Nicholas Stevens
Nicholas C. Stevens
Member, Chattanooga Office
Lance Thompson
Lance W. Thompson
Member, Nashville Office
Robert Uhorchuk
Robert J. Uhorchuk
Member, Chattanooga Office
Michael Vetter
Michael J. Vetter Sr.
Member, Nashville Office
Cameron Watson
Cameron M. Watson
Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office