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Our real estate attorneys know there is no such thing as an easy real estate matter and that is why we work hard to make sure we provide our clients with only the best advice. At Spicer Rudstrom, our attorneys are dedicated to finding you cost-effective legal solutions. We work hard to earn your trust and confidence in order to find you the best solution for your problem. Our real estate lawyers are continuously educating themselves on transactions, landlord/tenant matters, property disputes, and title insurance, and more to ensure only the best counsel is provided. Furthermore, our real estate attorneys create a custom-tailored plan to help you achieve your goals in an effective manner.

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Our experienced team of real estate lawyers serves clients across Tennessee. Contact us today and develop a plan regarding your real estate needs with a dedicated team of lawyers that are committed to finding the best solution.

We have offices located in Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Little Rock.

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Why You Should Choose Spicer Rudstrom’s Real Estate Attorneys:

  • Experience in multiple settings and cases – in & out of the court
  • Working hard to earn your trust and confidence
  • A wide array of services and practice areas
  • Providing a personalized experience
  • Dedicated to finding you solutions
  • Knowledgeable team of attorneys
  • Cost-effective expertise


S. Newton Anderson
S. Newton Anderson
Of Counsel, Memphis Office
Rick Apperson
Rick L. Apperson
Member, Knoxville Office
Kevin Bernstein
Kevin D. Bernstein
Managing Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office
Rafael Camacho
Associate, Chattanooga Office
Steve Collins
J. Steven Collins
Of Counsel, Knoxville Office
Ed Reynolds Davies
Ed Reynolds Davies Jr.
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Preston Dennis
Preston Dennis
Associate, Memphis Office
Brian Duffy
Brian S. Duffy
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Andrew Firkins
Andrew N. Firkins
Associate, Knoxville Office
Stephen Hester
Stephen A. Hester
Member, Little Rock Office
Thomas Hickey
B. Thomas Hickey Jr.
Member, Chattanooga Office
Chandler L. Horne
Associate, Nashville Office
Spencer F. Kaul
Associate, Nashville Office
Albert McLean
Albert G. McLean
Member, Memphis Office
Darrick O'Dell
Darrick L. O'Dell
Member, Nashville Office
Edd Peyton
Edd Peyton
Of Counsel, Memphis Office
Thomas F. Preston
Of Counsel, Memphis Office
John Reese
John (Jack) T. Reese
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Jared Renfroe
Jared S. Renfroe
Member, Memphis Office & Little Rock Office
Thomas Smith
Thomas J. Smith
Member, Nashville Office
Richard Spicer
Richard E. Spicer
Member, Nashville Office
Nicholas Stevens
Nicholas C. Stevens
Member, Chattanooga Office
Lance Thompson
Lance W. Thompson
Member, Nashville Office
Alaina M. Tolbert
Associate, Knoxville Office
Robert Uhorchuk
Robert J. Uhorchuk
Member, Chattanooga Office
Michael Vetter
Michael J. Vetter Sr.
Member, Nashville Office
Cameron Watson
Cameron M. Watson
Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office
Isaac W. Westling
Associate, Knoxville Office
Clint Woodfin
Clint J. Woodfin
Member, Knoxville Office