The SR Employment Attorney Team specializes in discrimination defense, providing invaluable legal counsel and representation to help you navigate the complexities of discrimination claims.

They offer expertise, strategic guidance, and dedicated advocacy to protect your company’s reputation and ensure compliance with applicable laws. Our attorneys have the in-depth knowledge of employment laws and regulations which enable them to provide expert guidance on navigating complex legal frameworks and help you understand your rights and obligations.

Whether we are helping with settlement negotiations, litigation representation, compliance assistance, or risk mitigation, our attorneys first understand the specifics of your discrimination claim and develop a comprehensive defense strategy tailored to your needs.


S. Newton Anderson
S. Newton Anderson
Of Counsel, Memphis Office
Rick Apperson
Rick L. Apperson
Member, Knoxville Office
Steve Collins
J. Steven Collins
Of Counsel, Knoxville Office
Ed Reynolds Davies
Ed Reynolds Davies Jr.
Of Counsel, Nashville Office
Preston Dennis
Preston Dennis
Associate, Memphis Office
Thomas Hickey
B. Thomas Hickey Jr.
Member, Chattanooga Office
Darrick O'Dell
Darrick L. O'Dell
Member, Nashville Office
Edd Peyton
Edd Peyton
Of Counsel, Memphis Office
Jared Renfroe
Jared S. Renfroe
Member, Memphis Office & Little Rock Office
Richard Spicer
Richard E. Spicer
Member, Nashville Office
Cameron Watson
Cameron M. Watson
Member, Memphis Office and Little Rock Office
Isaac W. Westling
Associate, Knoxville Office
Clint Woodfin
Clint J. Woodfin
Member, Knoxville Office