Whistle Blower

Our team of skilled employment attorneys can be vitally important when it comes to handling whistleblower complaints within your company. We can help in devising a comprehensive response plan to address the complaint, ensuring that your company complies with all the necessary legal obligations. We also help provide guidance on ensuring whistleblower rights are protected, reducing the risk of a retaliation claim down the line.

SR attorneys are adept in investigating whistleblower allegations, helping your company determine the extent and veracity of any issues raised. We efficiently and discreetly manage internal investigations, ensuring all proceedings are conducted in line with state and federal laws.

If wrongdoing is uncovered, we advise on the best course of action to rectify the situation, mitigating your potential legal and financial fallout. In addition, we assist in refining your company’s policies and procedures on whistleblowing, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

In instances of false allegations, we help construct a robust defense against such claims, helping maintain your company’s integrity and reputation. We bring expertise and guidance through the complexities of whistleblower laws and regulations.


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S. Newton Anderson
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Rick L. Apperson
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J. Steven Collins
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Ed Reynolds Davies Jr.
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Preston Dennis
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B. Thomas Hickey Jr.
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Darrick L. O'Dell
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Edd Peyton
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Richard E. Spicer
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Cameron M. Watson
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